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Make your dreams come true with SAS

Is it your dream to make your own wine? Or to do astronaut training in Florida? With SAS Dreams, the chance to fulfill your dream has become a reality.

Everyone’s bucket list is different. Some of us want to train with the world’s top skiers. Others would love to taste the best champagnes with the world’s most renowned champagne expert guiding us. And still others would jump at the chance to visit -Silicon Valley and meet with some of the greatest -business minds of our time. 

But if you think your dreams are unachievable, think again. The new SAS Dreams program is opening doors to the most exciting, exclusive and unique ex-periences the world has to offer – and these experi-ences will be available by invitation only to SAS’s most loyal EuroBonus members.

SAS Dreams began as a pilot program last year, giving SAS the opportunity to see if Dreams was something members wanted. Unsurprisingly, it turned out that EuroBonus members were very keen to begin fulfilling their dreams the SAS way. 

EuroBonus members enjoy a ski trip with SAS Dreams.

“We already know that our flyers are very experienced travelers: they’ve been around and have seen a lot of the world,” says Oddrun Cecilie Svegaarden, Head of SAS Dreams. “But we also know that our members have dreams and bucket lists and we will make sure we fulfill those dreams, giving them once in a lifetime experiences.”

One dream in the pilot program took place last October: a four-day trip to Ramsau, in the Austrian Alps, where many national ski teams were training. More than 30 EuroBonus members attended and were given the chance to improve their skills with some of the top skiers in the world. They also had the opportunity to stay with and eat alongside legends such as Norway’s Kristin Størmer Steira and -Oddbjørn Hjelmeset. The response was so overwhelmingly positive that a similar program was offered this -October, with several EuroBonus members going on the trip for the second time.

They also had the opportunity to stay with and eat alongside legends such as Norway’s Kristin Størmer Making bags at the Louis Vuitton factory. Photo: ShutterstockSteira and Oddbjørn Hjelmeset. The response was so overwhelmingly positive that a similar program was offered this October, with several EuroBonus members going on the trip for the second time.

“Cross-country skiing is something I do a lot and it’s something that I really care about,” says Euro­Bonus member and SAS Dreams invitee Jens Eivind Kobbeltvedt. “After last year’s trip, which was so well organized and exciting – and at a great destination, with well-known instructors – I jumped at the chance to do it again. It was a great way to meet others who share the same interest. As long as SAS Dreams has experiences that include my interests, such as hiking, biking and cultural themes, I’d love to do more.”

In 2017, loyal EuroBonus members will be in-vited to experience at least 16 SAS-designed dreams, including meeting the stars of the New York Rangers, visiting one of the luxury bag brands in France, getting a closer look at space exploration and making your own wine from start to finish in Napa Valley – which you’ll get in a couple of years when it’s matured. In 2018, the conversation will 
become two-way.

“Starting in 2018, we will engage our travelers to share the inner dreams that they would like to have fulfilled,” says Svegaarden. “Engaging with travelers is important to us, and we’ll even be asking people outside of Scandinavia what dreams they’d like to have fulfilled in the Scandinavian countries.

“SAS Dreams can also be customized for corporate clients as well as for special occasions for members who are planning things like weddings, anniversaries or family reunions,” says Svegaarden.

In 2017, SAS Dreams will attend SXSW in Austin, USA and an innovation trip in Silicon Valley. SAS knows how important it is to be there. 

“We want SAS Dreams to be relevant to all of our customers, both business and pleasure. We’re tailoring it to people’s interests and desires, giving them experiences they can’t get anywhere else. You won’t find these dreams on Google.” 

Read more at sasdreams.com

Text: Judi Lembke 

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