Go for a run at the beach. Photo: Colorbox.
Go for a run at the beach. Photo: Colorbox.


Keep fit during your trip

Going on vacation is no reason to get out of shape. There’s almost always a gym nearby and if there isn’t there’s plenty of other ways you can stay active. Always pack your training shoes!

It can be really inspiring to work out somewhere new. It’s also a good way to “wake up” after a long flight and shake off jet lag. If you exercise a lot at home, don’t expect to maintain the same regime while you’re traveling. But anything’s better than nothing.


Most hotels have gyms nowadays but if you don’t have access to one you might be able to get a day pass to a local gym. Do your homework and study your surroundings – are there parks nearby where you can go jogging?


In addition to your training shoes and workout gear, pack a resistance band – it weighs almost nothing, takes up hardly any space, and is practically an entire gym. A jump rope is also a good way to get that pulse racing. Check out the weather forecast before you go and pack accordingly. If you can bring two bags instead of one make sure they weigh the same. Just carrying them through the airport is great exercise for the upper torso.  If all else fails you can always fill two water bottles with stones and use them as weights.


If you train regularly do a long run just before you travel. That way you can take it easy the first few days. Check out the routes at your destination. Mapmyrun.com, for example, has over 70 million routes to choose from worldwide. Or ask reception.

Sometimes it’s nice to just run. Who knows, you might pass Big Ben and Buckingham Palace anyway.


Take a pedometer with you and aim for at least 10,000 steps every day. If you’re staying with friends and family take them with you rather than just sitting around the dinner table – that way you can socialize while you exercise, and get to see your surroundings. If your trip includes a full day of travel see if you can work in a stop with some hiking along the way.


There’s plenty of workout inspiration to be found on training websites or blogs, and you can find lots of inspiring "vacation workouts" on Pinterest, Prepare for your trip by getting a couple of different workouts ready. A basic workout that exercises most of the major muscles in your body is enough to stay in shape. Don’t forget to start with a warm-up.


Don’t just relax in the pool, do a few laps or go for a walk (the water needs to be above waist height for resistance). Try water aerobics (perhaps the hotel offers a class). 

Don’t be afraid to experiment 

Try something new and burn some calories while you’re at it. For example, rent a bike or kayak, or take a surfing lesson.

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