For 25 years, EuroBonus has enabled travelers to see more of the world and also given an extra silver lining to journeys. Here you can read more about how you can earn and spend points and about all the other bonuses that come with your EuroBonus membership.

EuroBonus turns 25

What began as a simple frequent flyer program has evolved into one of the world’s premier airline loyalty programs. Now nearing five million members, EuroBonus has grown massively since its inception in 1992, while the list of high-profile partners gets longer every year.

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You don’t need to fly to earn points. In fact, points can be earned on most parts of your trip – like hotels, transfers and shopping. And with a co-brand credit card you could earn points on everything you buy in your everyday life.

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Already tired of exploring the world for points? Probably not, but if that should be the case, spend them on something else to make your journey or everyday life easier. Here are some of the things you can buy for points.

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Did you know that EuroBonus was launched in 1992 and that there are now over 4.7 million members? Want to know where people travel to most for their points? Let’s find out!

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