Where should I go to do some plane spotting?

Here are some great tips for where to get spot some planes in Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo.

Stockholm Arlanda

Three runways, two of them parallel.

Runway 01L. A good view of the start of the runway.
Runway 01R. A road passes just south of the runway from where you get good views.
Runway 26. Best for aircraft that are landing.
Runway 01R/19L. Spotter pavilion 70m from taxiing aircraft.

Copenhagen Kastrup

Three runways, two of them parallel.

Runway 22L. Often used for landing. Good conditions.
Runway 22R. This runway is well into the airfield. Difficult to see.
Runway 30. Used during certain weather conditions.
Runway 04R. Good for landing.
Flyvergrillen. A very popular place with a fast food restaurant. Provides a good view of runway 22R.

Oslo Gardermoen

Two runways, parallel.

Runway 01R/19L. Good vantage point east of the runway at Blikkvegen.
Runway 01L. Good view of planes landing from Ravine­vegen.
Runway 01L/19R. From the SAS Museum there’s a good view of the terminal and runway.
Runway 19R. Good view of the runway.

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