The journey to fossil-free flights

Biofuel is the bridge we need while we await the breakthrough of ­innovations such as electric-powered aircraft.

We believe that aviation has an important role to play in society to enable people to meet and companies to prosper. But as long as there’s no technical solution for climate-neutral flying, we want to limit the emissions from our business.

This is why we’re doing everything we can to minimize our emissions through investing in new aircraft and new interiors, offering pre-ordering for meals, removing tax-free from our flights and more. Because everything we do, large or small, matters.

The next big step that could lower the emissions dramatically is biofuel. By 2030, our goal is to use biofuel equivalent to all domestic flights, or around 17% of our total fuel consumption today. Current technology allows us to fly using bio-fuel, however, it does come with two challenges. Firstly, there isn’t nearly enough being produced yet and secondly, it’s expensive – around three times more expensive than traditional jet fuel.

To stimulate the start of large-scale commercial production of biofuel in Scandi-navia, SAS has signed a letter of intent with Preem, the largest fuel company in Sweden. They plan to start producing large amounts of biofuel made from forest waste on the west coast of Sweden in 2023. We have also formed a partnership with Swedavia and the research institute RISE initiating a common path towards increased biofuel production.

Today, 50% is the limit for how much bio-fuel we’re allowed to mix in with jet fuel and we’re far from reaching that. To reach true fossil-free aviation, it will take innovation and new technology. That’s why I’m proud that Airbus has chosen SAS as its partner in the joint research project for the development of partly or fully electric aircraft. 

For the emissions we cannot eliminate yet, we're offering carbon offsetting. So, if you’re not a EuroBonus member yet, join today and and we’ll offset all of your travel on SAS. 

Join us on our exciting journey towards more sustainable air travel!

Rickard Gustafson
President & CEO, SAS

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