Airship Norway takes off  from Ny-Ålesund on Svalbard, May 1926.
Airship Norway takes off from Ny-Ålesund on Svalbard, May 1926.


A journey through Norwegian aviation history

SAS is playing an important role in the new civil aviation galleries at the Norwegian Aviation Museum.

The civil aviation galleries at the Norsk Luftfartsmuseum (Norwegian Aviation Museum) are reopening on December 16 after a one-year redevelopment that has ­resulted in a fresher look and design and the use of new display techniques.

The new galleries, which are called Let’s Fly, will help amplify and clarify the story of Norwegian ­aviation history. They will give visitors both an ­emotional and intellectual connection to the past and show how it is relevant to the future. 

The themes of the new galleries include “the birth of a nation” in which the story of aviation’s contribution to shaping Norway as a nation is told. And SAS, which is celebrating its 70th ­anniversary this year, has played a significant role in this story. 

“This is the first professional and curated ­exhibition about Norway’s civil aviation ­history,” says Hanne Jakhelln, Director at the Norsk Luftfartsmuseum. “And since SAS is one of the first civil airlines, the company has an ­essential role in Norway’s history. You could say that the history of SAS and the history of ­Norway are part of each other.”

Norsk Luftfartsmuseum is located in Bodø in northern Norway. Find out more at ­luftfartsmuseum.no 

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